B- Visual events hire unique Fairground Candy Wheels fully stocked with a wide variety of sweets. The Candy wheel can hold up to 20kg of sweets or alternatively 80 Large muffins/cupcakes and makes a great centrepiece for any event.

The wheel rotates for easy access to all of your favourite treats. The wheel will come with 16 varieties of sweets, scoops, tongs and sweet bags.

Hire one of our wheels for your Wedding, Party, Baby shower, Christenings and Prom or with one of our other event services and take advantage of a discounted price as part of a tailor-made package for you.

As with our carts, you can hire the wheel unstocked and fill it with your own sweets!

Basic Package
Un-stocked from Only £50

Bronze Package
Price from £80

5kg sweets (Suitable for up to 50 guests)

Silver Package
Price from £125

10kg sweets (Suitable for up to 100 guests)

Gold Package
Price from £170

15kg sweets (Suitable for up to 150 guests)

Price from £215

20kg sweets (Suitable for up to 200 guests)