The pixel dance floor is a wired floor that can project images, effects and videos effectively on floors 16ft x 16ft or larger. The use of intelligent micro-chipped LED dance floor panels and colour changing LED lights allows the floor to act as a pixelated video floor which sits just 3cm off the ground.

Hundreds of images and patterns can be programmed, ability to write messages and produce animations, company logos and names. Can be controlled via laptop, sound control, pre-installed programs and DMX.

We offer this floor in sizes up to 20ft x 20ft.

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The digital dance floor is the most advanced floor on the market capable of displaying pictures, monograms, scrolling text and moving patterns. This floor is perfect for corporate events, allowing guests to dance on company logos or enlarged photo images!

With an amazing 192 LEDs per piece, you can be sure that this floor will certainly brighten up the party!

The digital dance floor is available in sizes up to 20ft x 20ft, with larger sizes recommended for clarity of logos, images etc.

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